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A row of wheatgrass in our commercial set up.

A row of wheatgrass in our commercial set up.


Being GREEN these days is so much about diets and the latest craze: do you go RAW, VEGAN, LOCAL, VEGETARIAN? It can be a mind-field out there and choosing the path to health can drive our best intentions out the window. Today we eat this because the studies tell us to then we turn the calendar and the contradictions begin. If you seek health and quality of life you might consider becoming a QUALIVORE, someone who knows their body and wants the best for it, BODY, MIND AND SOUL. Life is a wheel we ride,  but it does NOT have to be a wheel that entraps us with confusion. LIBERATE yourself and follow this simple little guide to HEALTH 101  then explore all the marvelous bounty out there and find what fits your life choices.

My children are grown and raising children of their own and it delights me to no end when they turn to the teachings of their youth. The other day my oldest son called to ask me questions about wheatgrass he wants some basic growing tips. I used to co-own an ORGAINC wheatgrass farm and have used and grown the stuff for over 30 years. For a spell I had a home operation for growing Sunflower Greens, Buckwheat Greens and Wheatgrass.

At the farm we used to juice and freeze all the trays that did not sell into ice cube trays for our personal use. Rick, my friend and co-owner, used to grab them and walk around sucking on them like a popsicle. I have used wheat-grass cubes on burns and cuts: wheatgrass being an antiseptic and a cell repairer.

This is a demo at a local Health Food store where we are giving away wheatgrass. Note the wheatgrass machine, the height of the grass and the proper wheatgrass juicing procedure (highlighting the best wheat-grass juicer out there  a WHEETENA)

GROWING WHEATGRASS is easy, here is what you need:

  • Organic Hard Winter Wheat (available at any health food store, DO NOT BUY OUTDOOR PLANTING SEEDS WITHOUT NOTING IF THEY HAVE BEEN TREATED WITH CHEMICALS).
  • A good rich soil or compost.
  • Trays for growing in
  • Newspapers, paper sacks, OR the sacks the seeds come in
  • Shop Lights
  • A Rack for the growing trays
  • A cool environment to put it all in

When growing any plant, the quality of the seed is the quality of the end product, the same goes for the soil. Healthy seeds and healthy soil means a healthy plant which in turn feeds a body healthy. The goal in today’s confusing food world is to strive to be a QUALITARIAN when making choices. If you strive for the best QUALITY you will get the best for your body.

One of the most common ways people drink wheatgrass is to add it to a smoothie or juice. While that is ok, wheatgrass is best ingested alone. Being a CONCENTRATED food it digests best alone and you reap the greatest rewards on an EMPTY stomach. After about 20 minutes enjoy your smoothie and juice.

When undertaking the decision on whether to grow wheatgrass, keep in mind that there is one piece of equipment that can be daunting to make a selection and expensive to boot: the juicer. As a commercial wheatgrass farmer I have seen and tested over a dozen juicers and here is the low-down: Wheatgrass is a grass and as such has a lot of fiber that is best juiced by the pressing method (where as most fruit and vegetable juicers shred first and then extract juice through centrifugal force). Because of the long stringy fibers in wheatgrass they tend to bind up the machine and destroy the motor. The other issue with machines NOT designed to juice high fiber grasses is that they oxidize the juice therefore killing the nutrients you are seeking from  the wheatgrass.

What to get? That depends on if you already have a juicer or not. If you are juicer-less then the choice is: get a multi-use juicer that will do wheatgrass ALONG WITH fruits and vegetables, or get ONE juicer that does wheatgrass exclusively. If you already have a juicer then you will be better off getting a juicer for the grass.

Please feel free to write me and ask any questions you might have on wheatgrass, growing it and juicing it.  With over 20 years in the commercial business I am at your service.

wheatgrass book

Within these pages you will learn how to grow and juice wheatgrass and all the reasons why you want to.



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