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Want to be healthier and quit wasting your hard earned money?GROWING YOUR VEGETABLE BASE at your local market.

According to Consumer Reports, FIFTY-TWO percent of all produce is thrown away. Thats 52% of all produce grown is thrown away by either the consumer (that’s you and me) and/or the wholesaler/distributer (that’s the stores and their suppliers).

WHY are so many vegetables wasted? Well, there are MANY reasons but the two biggies are: we want pretty produce, (we seem to think pretty vegetables are healthier) and we know we need to eat more vegetables so we buy them and then don’t know what to do with them.

  • Produce isn’t perfect 100% of the time, it gets culled in the fields and then again at the wholesalers.
  • Produce spoils fast.
  • Produce needs to be transported and stored at constant even temperatures or they spoil quicker then normal.
  • We KNOW we need to eat more produce and it looks so pretty at the market so we buy it. When it comes time to cook the produce we often don’t know what to do with it.


Want to be healthier and stop wasting your heard earned money? Everyone of us wants be healthier, happier, richer, slimmer, stronger, smarter. Learning new things with people you love has been proven to help everyone. When you learn together you all help each other stay focused. If you gather people around you to support your healthy life choices you all win.

VEGGIES 101 will help you save money and be healthier. It’s easy, just contact us for times and locations and we come to you for less money then one cup of coffee.

Take a stroll down the produce aisle and let farmer Alicia guide you to new veggies you might never have known before and learn some new ways to prepare old favorites. We’ll share

  • Tips for STRETCHING YOUR FOOD DOLLAR without compromising your health or your principles
  • SIMPLE and NEW WAYS to fix your Vegetables
  • WHY you want to eat more Vegetables     

* TIME, DATE and LOCATION:                                   

PRICE: $5/person

CONTACT Alicia@gogreen101.com

Presented by Alicia Cotilla owner, writer and facilitator of  www.gogreen101.com. hair down pic of meAs a Master Sprouter with a degree in Permaculture, Alicia brings over 30 years as a professional grower and food activist.

As a retired Farmer and produce wholesaler Alicia shows you how to prepare old favorites in new ways and get to know veggies you’ve never met before. We believe in you and want you to claim your birthright, health.

*  We at GoGreen101 strive to make your life easier by giving you the choice of time, date and location.

We come to you!



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