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I love writing posts for this website. Helping you all reach your health goal is the reason that I write. I need to apologize for such a long span between posts. Life has been full and though no excuse I think you might be excited too.

Four years ago a dear friend came to me and asked me to write a primer on vegetables. She knew too many young folks without a grounding in basic kitchen skills.It took a while for us to formulate a good layout that would be both informative and inviting but we hit on a great idea.

With hand-drawn pictures overlayed with information and in-the-field photographs beside recipes. This book has been my obsession. With a strong group of authors, I have been revising and editing Passion for Produce.

I am more than half-way through a final edit and am excited to share my news with you here.  I plan to share snippets with you here on these pages. If any of you want to be a Beta reader or recipe tester then reach out and send me an email. 

My monthly posts will continue on track and once again I am sorry for being so absent from these pages. 


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