Mother Natures Press Secretary


For over 30 years I grew a garden, canned veggies, ground grains and baked all of my children’s breads, cakes and cookies. After the kids were (mostly) grown I went to work at my dream job, a local organic farm. I had some working knowledge of produce, having gardened my way across America as I followed my oil-field husband, I knew about different growing climates and seasons. For the next 20 years I managed a small organic farm that grew ‘specialty’ crops; sprouts, micro-greens, wheatgrass and more.

Being an established produce wholesaler in the Dallas/ Ft Worth Metroplex we were often invited to our distributors (like Tree of Life and Whole Foods Market) to educate both their customers and their employees on how best to store, handle and use our product line. We were invited to many produce workshops, demos and think tank happening in Dallas/Ft Worth and I am very grateful to all that I learned over the years as the face of the farm and the contact person. I also did many controlled experiments in order to find the best methods of maintaining quality from the field to the table.

After many years of my community prodding me into writing a primer on produce I have taken the plunge. I have been pulling together all manner of information and distilled it into the pages of a book that I hope will inspire you to explore and buy produce. The pages are designed to be skimmed and gleaned with apps, recipes, links, and tips designed to build a strong foundation in produce so that you can enter the market and shop, store and prepare your produce with confidence.

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