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It’s the latest rage everyone is looking to grow their own food. This is the 101 of sprouting.

NUMBER ONE: The larger the seed you start with the quicker it grows and the faster you can eat it.

dry and sprouted garbanzos side by side

These are GARBANZO BEANS. The ones on the left of the first picture are dry the others are one day old.

NUMBER TWO: Soak overnight, drain and let sprout.

suynnies sprouts 2015 sept 061

That is it folks snack on these enzymatically alive little morsels.


Use dry garbanzo beans, not from a can. Once you have sprouted and thoroughly dried them, sauté in a drizzle of olive oil in a single layer. The idea is to make them crisp on the outside and warm them so they will absorb the flavors you will be adding the minute they come off the heat. Shower them with Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Quick-sip Bouillon Concentrate or Braggs, a liquid mineral broth that will substitute for soy sauce. Sprinkle them with Dulse, a sea veggie loaded with micronutrients, and toss them with grated ginger and grated garlic.

Add them to soups, sprinkle over salads, or snack on them as is. If you have trouble digesting beans you will find sprouted beans easy on the digestive system because of the digestive enzymes activated by the sprouting process.


Start with RAW ALMONDS, a bowl, and a colander ( or do the same way you did the garbanzo beans). Soak a handful of nuts in a bowl full of water and leave for 6 -8 hours or overnight. The next morning put into a strainer, drain, and enjoy. They are ready overnight.

Let them thoroughly dry before you put them in the fridge in a covered container. Eating almonds that are sprouted gives you not only a MULTIPLIED powerhouse of nutrients, but also digestive enzymes. Sprout them daily and let it be a ritual you do every night.


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