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WHAT IS THE FUZZ ABOUT? Everything you want to know about human fascia.

BEAUTIFUL HANDBLOWN GLASSWARE: Brent, the glassblower, will create a custom design to honor a special occasion or you can pick from his extensive gallery.brnt glasses

MR. SCHWARTZ: Check out this fascinating author.

TED TALKS: TED is an acronym for Technology, Education and Design. Experts from many fields are asked to talk for 10 minutes on their area of expertise. These short videos are dynamic and educational.

HEARTMATH: The name of this organization is a little odd but their work is fundamentally essential to our humanity.

CENTER FOR NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION (NVC): With HEARTMATH giving you the tools to focus, de-stress and center your soul, NVC gives you the emotional-vocabulary to bring it to life.

RASUR FOUNDATION and BEPEACE: The brightest tool in your toolbox, BEPEACE the program that joins two top-notch programs HEARTMATH and NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION that will radically alter how you see and interact with the world.

CORNUCOPIA INSTITUTE: Who Owns Your Health Foods? If local economy issues matter to you come see the great graphics here.

MICHAEL POLLAN: Has become the guru of the food movement with his best-seller Omnivores Dilemma

NORTHWEST EARTH INSTITUTE: “Inspiring People to Take Responsibility for Earth” through their interactive workbooks designed for group interaction and learning.

BRENE BROWN: Feeling vulnerable and you think it’s a weakness? Check out this honest and engaging author.

COOL SCIENCE APPS: See the ocean and weather from the folks at NOAA.

USDA: Food Deserts are places in America where people do not have access to healthy or affordable REAL food. Check out the great graphics.

ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP: Want to eat organic but can’t always afford to make that choice, EWG sorts data into a lovely little pocket guide called: THE DIRTY DOZEN or CLEAN FIFTEEN. APP available for both Apple and Android.

EPAGENETICS: Is a new science that shows how we can alter our genes through how we eat or think.

PRODUCE APP:Ever stand in front of the produce and wonder “what the heck is that?

ANNA LAPPE: Daughter of Frances Moore Lappe, who brought vegetarian food to the American concsiouness has a wonderful Blog full of fundamental information and some lovely videos.

THE AMERICAN INSTITUE OF WINE AND FOODTHE DAYS OF TASTE program brings farmers and chefs to fifth grade classrooms to build knowledge around  real food. 

TOUCH THE FUTURE: Joseph Chilton Pierce and his power-filled work continues. 

BRAHMA KUMARIS: Years ago I attended an International Peace Conference and one of the rooms in the complex held a Meditation Space. Needing a break from all the workshops I went in and instantly felt calm and soothed. The women that were sponsoring the space were from Brahma Kumaris and their mission is to teach peace through action in the communities they live in, FREE.

DR YOURSELF: A great holistic web site in it’s 15th year of sharing excellent information.

FRONTEIR COOPERATIVE HERBS: Member owned and operated wholesale warehouse of CLEAN and ORGANIC herbs and sundries. Gather your friends for orders of bulk or single items and get free shipping.


HUDSON VALLEY SEED LIBRARY: These folks are inspiring.

AYURVEDIA : The Himalayan Institute brought the Neti Pot and one of the most ancient healing bodies of knowledge.

FAST FOOD NATION: A movie that brings us behind the scenes of Fast Food (like McDonalds).