Mother Natures Press Secretary


What does GREEN mean? Most of us grew up thinking of it as color but in todays world it is a verb, an action word.

As we look around at a world that is changing and spinning at a rate that can be challenging, here at GO GREEN101 we help you build resilience and courage through inspiration and education. Education is power that allows you to stand strong inside of your choices, and inspiration shows you what is possible.

In todays world of endless choices with conflicting information, where today we hear that chocolate is bad for you and next week we learn the opposite, we feel overwhelmed and confused. Who do we trust? Where do we get information that feeds us rather than scares us? Where do we go to feel powerful about the choices we make? Where do we go to get the information that helps us grow bigger than ourselves? Where do we go for whole person growing? You come here browse the pages, posts and recipes, watch the videos and leave a little wiser.

heart inside of green hands

Health is about more than the absence of disease. Power has nothing to do with control over another human being. Education happens in places other than school. Keep it simple, non dogmatic and flexible. I assume that my body seeks health and balance without my intervention.

Me? I have followed many great healers, studied volumes of texts, taken countless courses and practiced many methods and teachings: vegetarian, vegan, raw, macrobiotic, organic, local, Ayurvedic, herbal, and Homeopathic.

Now? I just keep it all simple; quality, chemical-free and as close to the source as I can possibly get it. If I can hit ALL these points I consider it a major accomplishment.

After years of teaching workshops I have come to understand that most of us simply do not know how to change or where to start. Be aware that you are human and you can’t do it all. Much as we might want to, we have to pick and choose.

 Be kind to your soul, strive for quality and keep trying.

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