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The first step in any new endeavor is the definition here at Go Green 101 we start with Hippocrates saying: “Let food by thy medicine and thy medicine thy food”.heart bowl

Along with the basic premise that food (not drugs) are my medicine I then assume that:

  • My body wants to be healthy
  • Health is more than the absence of disease
  • Disease is more than physical
  • Genes, the environment, and quality of life all influence my health

These are my definitions of health for myself. You need to develop your own definition. Take some of mine, borrow some of your parents, friends, doctor or glean from this list:

  • “Breakfast you should eat alone, lunch you should eat with a friend, dinner, give to your enemy.”
  • “Don’t eat anything that took more energy to ship than to grow.”
  • “Never eat anything pretending to be something else.”
  • “Don’t ‘Yuck’ someone’s ‘Yum’.”
  • “If you’re not hungry enough for an apple, then you are NOT hungry.”
  • “Eat foods in inverse proportion to how much It’s Lobby spends to push it.”
  • “Avoid snacks with ‘Oh’ sounds in their names.”
  • “Don’t eat anything you aren’t willing to kill yourself.”
  • “No second helpings.”
  • “It’s better to pay the grocer than the doctor.”
  • Don’t subtract your way to health.
  • Be a curious qualitarian

All the ones in quotation marks are from:Food Rules  by Michael Pollan the others are mine.

The path to HEALTH starts with definitions and continues with how your body feels. I haven’t taken an aspirin since 2001, Alka-Seltzer since 1976, I do not get headaches, stomach-aches and at 57 I am in great health and have been since I changed my diet with the pregnancy of my first child in 1978. Prior to that I had headaches, suffered chronic constipation, had severe cramps with heavy flow, severe backaches and would react violently to ant and bee bites. Some of my health changes were slow but so was my diet conversion. I used to hate brown whole wheat bread, butter, brown rice and vegetables. The first time I ate alfalfa sprouts I spit them right out.

The person back then and the one I am now are night and day in what we eat and so is my health. It has been a very long journey and I continue to educate myself and stay ‘cautiously-open’ to new diets and health ‘fads’ but I do my research and always ask: “Who funded that study?” The biggest health tip I can offer from my own long and often confusing and contradicting journey is to start with a definition of health, your health definition.

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