Mother Natures Press Secretary


Gardening is easy and Organic-Chemical-Free Gardening is the easiest, closest to nature and God.

Never again fear chemical exposure for your kids or pets!

These are the THREE basic principles to growing your own chemical free Organic garden.

  1. Soil health  means plant health
  2. Soil should never be naked
  3. All plants do not grow in all soils in all seasons

Soil you say? Why?

Because dirt is the stuff that we work VERY hard to sweep away from the floors of our houses, wash from our clothes, hands and bodies. We hate dirt and work hard to get rid of it. Is that how you feel about your soil? The stuff you have worked hard to build up with nutrients (NPK), minerals and humus is valuable. Dirt is gross. Soil is sacred.

  • Soil is what our food grows in.
  • Rich soil grows life-sustaining food. Healthy food equals healthy bodies.
  • Food is our bodies fuel.
  • Healthy soil equals healthy food, nuts, fruits, grains and vegetables. Healthy food grows healthy bodies, it’s the sacred circle of life.
  • Soil is Sacred and we should treat it that way.

The three best books to chemical free growing are:

  1. One Straw Revolution
  2. Darwins Earthworm Book
  3. Lasagna Gardening

Need more inspiration? Watch the Lunatic Farmer video


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