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Watching people struggling to make sense of food I want to add some much needed and very timely information of WHAT IS IN YOUR FOOD.

This book is a classic that is kept updated with the latest information so YOU can make informed decisions.

“With our culture’s growing interest in organic foods and healthy eating, it is important to understand what food labels mean and to learn how to read between the lines. This completely revised and updated edition of A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives gives you the facts about the safety and side effects of more than 12,000 ingredients–such as preservatives, food-tainting pesticides, and animal drugs–that end up in food as a result of processing and curing. It tells you what’s safe and what you should leave on the grocery-store shelves.

In addition to updated entries that cover the latest medical and scientific research on substances such as food enhancers and preservatives, this must-have guide includes more than 650 new chemicals now commonly used in food. You’ll also find information on modern food-production technologies such as bovine growth hormone and genetically engineered vegetables.

Alphabetically organized, cross-referenced, and written in everyday language, this is a precise tool for understanding food labels and knowing which products are best to bring home to your family.”


How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talkby Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

With the holiday season upon us our best intentions of living with peace in our hearts are often thrown by the wayside along with the turkey carcass and giblets, but it need not be that way.

Don’t let the time demands of the season stretch your patience or fill you with stress, instead sneak away for a few minutes each day and dip into the pages of this timeless treasure: How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk.

Full of clear concepts and excellent living examples, these authors have taken child psychologist Haim Ginotts teachings () and made them accessible to all of us wishing to practice peace in all our interactions during every season and stress level.

The Table of Content (below) gives you a glimpse into what the book holds in store for you.

  • Table of Content
  • Helping Children Deal with Their Feelings
  • Engaging Cooperation
  • Alternatives to Punishment
  • Encouraging Autonomy
  • Praise
  • Freeing Children from Playing Roles
  • Putting It All Together

Full of concepts followed by ‘workbook’ style questions that stimulate and actively engage you in situations where each concept might arise. The book is peppered with comics illustrating everyday home settings that highlight each ‘point’. But don’t make the mistake that if you have no children this book is of little value to you because this book is for everyone who wishes to be understood. How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk presents concepts on how to better communicate with each other and establishes non-threatening communication that penetrates to the heart of a situation and not the person.

After reading this book you will find yourself with not just these extraordinary concepts but you have an arsenal of practical tips and visuals that make using them easy and direct. If we all would read this book the world would be well on its way to peace.

Om Shanti ( I am a Peace-Full soul)



omnivores-dilemma-young-readersOmnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan

This book is a must read if you eat food. Though rather long, it is well written in a very engaging style. But if the size of this tomb intimidates you try the Junior edition (see highlighted cover on the left), delightfully full of charts, graphs and pictures in place of Pollans words.

I join a long line of Junior Book readers.  As a homeschooling mom I read out loud to my kids and in those pre-Internet days, my research often took me into the children’s section in order to learn something quickly so I could answer  the kids questions. I have grown to be a huge advocate of browsing the children’s section in order to learn a subject I may have a question around but do not want to invest a lot of time into. As my interest increases I then move into the Junior section in order to gather a fundamental foundation on a subject.

This edition is wonder-filled information on WHAT HAPPENS TO FOOD BEFORE IT GETS TO YOUR SUPERMARKET SHELF. Don’t worry it is NOT scary just informative. Pollan is not a fear monger and neither am I. The charts and graphs illustrate his points in place of words, they are wonderful.

Being informed gives YOU the power to dissect fact from fiction in todays muddy news waters. Go on, click on it, you will be so much wiser for having read it!


” Are you looking for a unique way to spend an evening or a Homeschooling enrichment event? These three books and videos are thought provoking, life expanding and will give you many places to springboard discussions from.”

WHERE OUR FOOD COMES FROMThis is one of the most interesting and haunting books I have ever read. Maybe it’s because I am a farmer and I understand the vital role seeds play to our human survival or maybe I understand the courage and tenacity this man fought with because I come from a people that push through barriers with vision and certainty.

The journey of Vavilov and the clarity of his vision reached deep into my soul and clicked the knowledge I had spent years in accruing into a clear perspective. I think it helped that I had read Jarred Diamonds:  Guns, Germs and Steel and was currently watching a documentary on genetics and India.

Read this book and be prepared to see botany and food from a different light. Gary Nabhan is a very interesting man in his own right and has written many other books to broaden your thinking around.

GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL is a wonderful book full of amazing information,  you might want to just skip the read and watch the video available through You Tube:

The Story of India is a most interesting video of the beginnings of our civilization, how we moved out of the continent we know as Africa and into an ancient India.  Visually stunning and rich with insight, science, culture and lots of beautiful views into this hugely diverse country.