Mother Natures Press Secretary

July 15, 2017
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Meet my mother, Alicia Enriqueta de Cotilla who just turned 96.

When I tell people my mother’s age they say nice things, because they cannot see her. When I am out shopping with Mama and I tell people her age they never believe me. She just doesn’t look or act it. Mama has a sharp mind and an agile body; she lives alone, drives to the gym every day, pays her bills and solves her own problems.
Yes, she has good genes but above all else Mama is smart and she has solid food rules she has always lived by. Mama doesn’t smoke, other than the occasional Cuban cigar. She doesn’t drink either, except for the occasional celebratory cup.
Mama would daily feed us tablespoons of cod liver oil. We drank eight-ounces of fresh cow’s milk three times a day and one eight ounce glass of fresh orange juice. Mornings were daunting with sixteen ounces of fluid to get down.
She worked hard to feed us good foods, believing that healthy food built not just healthy bodies and strong minds but a nurturing spirit. Food was more than fuel for the body; it was food for the soul and the mind. Mama would grate fresh carrots into cheese cloth and squeeze the juice into cups for us to drink. She cracked open coconuts with a swing of her hammer while her polished red nails bit into her palm. She worked the nail-head out and poured us each a drink.
Whenever we complained about some food we hated, like liver, she would patiently tick off its health benefits. Her lessons stuck in the recesses of my brain. When it was my turn to feed my own children I followed my mother’s example, except for the cod liver oil.
We never ate cereal for breakfast; Mama believed that lots of protein grew healthy brains and strong bodies. We ate food that most of my friends never recognized like yuca and black beans.
Mama never fed us meat that came in a casing or a package she could not see through. We never ate bologna, hot dogs or salami; if she could not tell the animal the meat had come from we didn’t eat it.
“After all”, she would say, “anything can be ground up and stuffed in a casing. Only God knows what’s inside.” Continue reading

July 10, 2017
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Slip these small bags in your pocket, purse or glovebox and never be caught without.
Don’t let the cute fool you, they are UTILATARIAN and adorable.

July 2, 2017
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If you are very lucky in your life, you will have a friend from Argentina. Why? Because they will expose you to culinary delights you never dreamed of, like CHIMICHURRI.

Chimichurri is a delicious uncooked sauce that goes well on EVERYTHING. Though traditionally served at an Argentinian Asado it is also great on fish, chicken, empanadas, eggs, zucchini………….EVERYTHING is better with a drizzle of CIMICHURRI on it.

Here is Carlos’ famous (AND secret, so don’t share) Argentinian Chimichurri recipe

• 1 bunch Italian parsley
• 1 small bunch fresh oregano
• 2 oz lemon juice
• 2 oz Olive oil
• 2 oz wine vinegar or 1 oz Apple Cider Vinegar
• 2 cloves garlic, I used double the amount
• bay leaf powder or freshly chopped leaves
• paprika
• salt, red crushed pepper, cayenne and black pepper to taste

Clean the herbs and mince them finely.
Coarsely chop the garlic then place everything into a blender, mix until well blended.

Great as a spread on sandwiches and veggie wraps.

The ingredients for CHIMICHURRI are easy to grow and do very well in a container.
Oregano and parsley grow beautifully in a large container that can sit poolside or on your deck and flourish all summer long.

Illustrated above is a cute example of what you too can create. This one has garlic chives in the center with oregano and parsley on either side with an up-cycled driftwood plant marker.

July 2, 2017
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Ever hear this show?
Check out this highly informative, slightly mind blowing show around food.