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March 20, 2017
by admin

What ARE SUPERFOODS? a dear friend asked me as we sat on the porch enjoying a visit. Honestly I could not answer her but I told her I would find her an answer.

I set out to answer a friend’s question and got caught in a quagmire.

Here is the long and short of it; there is no medical or nutritional bottom line definition for superfood. Like Organic, it has lost all relevant meaning and has become a marketing “buzzword” that has gained a great deal of traction in the last few years. As Americans continue to struggle to learn about health and wellness and what that looks like, healthy eating has become impossible to define or even have a standard of measure. In order to help you navigate this insane world here are some definitions to help you aim in the right direction.

SUPERFOODS are calorically low foods that contain micro-nutrients necessary for health but not found in abundance in the foods we eat most often. You may have seen some lists of superfoods in your favorite magazine or heard it on a news report.

The lists vary a great deal and there are some I have to question, based on the nutritional knowledge I have studied. Yet, some are really worthy of including in your diet to help build a healthy immune system and to add vital trace minerals and nutrients.


  1. beets
  2. cacao
  3. blueberries
  4. miso
  5. almonds
  6. eggs
  7. sweet potatoes
  8. sea-vegetables
  9. kefir
  10. chlorella
  11. sprouts and microgreens

These are in no specific order.

Try a Superfood. Give it a month and see if your body benefits from it. It takes at least one month to see any nutritional benefits, three months to really see changes.

A very wise teacher once told me: “Try everything in life. If it works repeat it if it doesn’t don’t”. Sound advice from a wise soul.

March 1, 2017
by admin

There is so much traveling down the information highway ; Blogs, Newsfeeds, Tweets, Apps and e-mails, all faithfully reporting the latest and the greatest. Every single day we turn on gadgets that spray an ocean of information at us to help us be better, create more, grow stronger muscles, bigger brains, lower weights.

We embrace it, get caught up in the momentum of it and even disseminate some of it, yet how much are we truly learning? How much of what we learn are we folding into our lives and routines? How much are we REALLY learning?How much healthier, smarter, stronger or more creative are we becoming?

How is all of this information benefiting us?

At the first of the New Year we stand around a fresh clean start, the moment is pregnant with possibilities. We embrace resolutions and embark on momentous paths towards a new life full of possibility and change. Then May rolls around and we think back to our New Year’s resolutions and groan. We feel disappointed. How many resolutions did we keep?

Honestly, how realistic were we?

Did you know that it takes EIGHT WEEKS to form a new habit? Eight weeks for every new resolution. Did you also know that if you want that resolution to become a life-style change it takes FOUR MONTHS? The Ancient Chinese healers used to say that it takes one-hundred days to form a new habit. Cut yourself some slack, ok?

So where does the information highway lead us? Where did it start and where the heck is it taking us? Let’s bring back a sense of wonder to our lives, otherwise all of this information creates a society that simply swallows without pausing to chew.

Want to change? Want to incorporate some of the wonderful information rolling down the highway? Keep these points in mind when making any new goals:

  • Relapse is an opportunity NOT a failure.
  • Establish expectations. At the end of eight weeks where do you want to be?
  • Get a buddy to help you. This person holds your vision and helps keep you on track.
  • Learning means a change in behavior.
  • We learn new things by placing them over something we already know.
  • We are each individually hardwired to learn in different ways, either by: Seeing it, Hearing it and/or Doing it. We are either Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic learners. Some folks are a combination of these, but mostly just one.

So use the information highway, hop on it and enjoy the ride.

The choice is always yours, it always has been.