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February 18, 2017
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Allergies getting you down? Try irrigating your nasal passages.

What? Try using a Neti Pot.

What is a Neti Pot? The NETI POT is an oddly-shaped vessel made of glass or ceramic that comes to us from the ancient writings of the Ayurvedic healers of India.

Using non-iodized sea salt (saline) dissolved in sterile-filtered-water* that is placed in the Neti Pot and used to flush the nasal passages.

Here are the mechanics of its use:

  • Keeping your nose firmly facing forward, bend your neck leaning your ear towards your shoulder, stopping when your ear is roughly parallel with the floor.
  • Insert the NETI POT spout into your nostril and allow the water to flow in and back out of your nose. Irrigate that side with HALF of your solution. REPEAT the process on the other side till the vessel is empty.

 When done, lift your head and gently blow your nose.

When using a Neti Pot it is a good idea to add the Neti-Wash Plus for everyday use, but if the flu or an infection has set in to your nasal-passages, it is a good idea to add the NETI POT WASH FLU to your saline preparation.

Neti Pot Recipe:

  • 1 glass quart jar of filtered and cooled boiled water
  • 1 ½ teaspoons of pure sea salt (without Iodine or any non-clumping additives)
  • 1 dropper-full of Neti-Wash-Plus

I like to mix this up ahead of time to have on the counter and ready to use FOUR to FIVE times  a day when a cold, the flu or a sinus infection sets in. *If you PRE-MIX the solution using BOILED-FILTERED WATER that has cooled, it becomes a hassle-free experience.

When NOT sick, just use the Neti-Pot as needed; after raking leaves, dusting or any time you have been around sick or contagious people.

February 9, 2017
by admin
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Health experts all agree – eat more fish, but are ALL fish good for you?

The next time you are at the fish counter and can’t make up your mind, just take out your smart phone (don’t have one? print it out and fold into your wallet) and let the SEAFOODWATCH guide you to the healthiest, and usually, the cheapest choices.

Fish choices change weekly so download this site/app or print their guide.



February 1, 2017
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It is February, the month of love. This year lets shake it up by doing something for ourselves, let’s Give Our Hearts to Health.

Health is yours by doing THREE SIMPLE THINGS:

  1. Be gentle with your heart, never do or eat anything that does not please you.
  2. Health is about adding NOT subtracting or denying yourself. NOR should it taste gross either.
  3. Keep it simple by just reading labels.

If you do not recognize an ingredient or can’t pronounce its name, please do not introduce it to your body.

Is the ingredients list over a paragraph long? Leave it off your plates!

That is it folks, all you need to know.

If you want to Give Your Heart to Health: Be kind to yourself, add things that help you, and keep it simple by reading labels.

Everything in your life is a choice. Choose health, choose yourself and above all choose to be kind with yourself. Success is yours through small daily goals and choices.

Here are two simple tips to lower your cholesterol:

  1. Eat two meatless meals per week and make at least one of them WILD HARVESTED FISH (Organic fish is a meaningless term).
  2. Eat tree nuts daily, a handful or two is all you need. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, and pistachios are great choices. And while we are learning: Peanuts grow in the ground not on trees. In some places they call them groundnuts. Cashews are a part of the fruit and not really a tree-nut either.

Have fun and Give Your Heart to Health.