Mother Natures Press Secretary

December 29, 2016
by admin

I am a farmer, a legacy builder, social researcher and sower of change. Sixty now and in another time and place I would be an elder with wisdom to share but here and now I am invisible, disenfranchised. I know I have wisdom to share and I know the world is a marvelous place full of magic and wonder inside of the chaos and violence.

I always wanted to change the world, make it a better place because I was here. Not from a place of ego or thinking that I possess ‘the way’, but from a place of love for this fragile globe and all that we share it with.

When my kids were little they used to ask me what I wanted for gifts and I always asked for world peace. I yearn peace to the very core of my existence. My passion for peace is so deep that my kids never had guns to play with, not even water pistols. The mere thought of those sweet little souls running around with pop guns, water pistols or be-be guns broke my heart, it was painful to watch when we found ourselves at play in other peoples homes.

I abhor violence, I abhor hate. There is no room in my heart for it, it crushes me, it wounds me, it scars me. When I was a kid I used to have a poster over my bed that said “I wont stay in a world without love” and I will not.

It does not matter to me what you think is right or what you find offensive, hate is hate no matter what side of the fence you are sitting on. I know, who the hell wants to hear yet another lecture right now? I get it. But though I hope you will take the time to read my words I do not care if you do, I care simply to put it out into the world, into the global consciousness, into the hands and arms of LOVE, of GOD, of all that is good and have it take shape, watch it grow.

I want peace, my soul yearns peace. Peace and love have always been the cornerstone of my existence. It is my religion, my cause, my agenda, my desire, my passion, my daily practice in all my interactions. I am NOT perfect, I make mistakes, I yell and I too hate but I will not let it define me, shape me or consume me.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. It’s a small seed I send out, but a strong one full of hope and charity and benevolence. I send you, little seed out into the world and hope and pray you find fertile ground wherever you might land.