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September 15, 2015
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Bernard Jensen said it: ‘death begins in the colon’. Not sexy, not cute, but there you have it. We never talk about it, never give it much thought but colon health is body health.

My mother was a believer of regular bowel movements and would always start any health complaint with “when was the last time you pooped?”

“I have a headache mom.”  When was the last time you pooped?

“My stomach hurts mom.”  When was the last time you pooped?

Seriously, it was like that growing up and my studies in Human Anatomy and Physiology have born that truth out.

Recent studies are proving the importance of complete bowel evacuation on a regular basis. Though there is much debate about what is “normal” evacuation. The truth is that all bodies are as different from each other as our fingerprints except in our need to purge what we have eaten. “What goes in must come out.”

With improved technology we are better able to see things that we used to only theorize around. We can NOW separate fact from theory and even validate old standards. Fermented foods come immediately to mind and with that colon health.

For centuries Asian countries have been fermenting foods and eating them on a regular basis. Fermented foods add microbial activity to your gut and intestines and helps diversify your microbiome.

Daily_Brain_Storms_Fermented_Food_2These are an example of fermented foods.

Culturally foods were fermented for many reasons: ease of transportation, storage without refrigeration, to put up a bountiful crop for long term use or to break down nutrients and make them accessible to our bodies.

Along with the food we add to our diets to enrich our microbial diversity we also need to think about physics: HOW  we poop. The bowels natural evacuation position is to squat and squatting is something we no longer do. We do not squat to weed the gardens or squat to tend the little children. We do not squat to tend the meal over a fire. We used to squat over a hole to evacuate our bowels and now we sit on throwns as we do crosswords or read articles and wonder why we have hemorrhoids.

squatty potty 2

The latest studies are showing links to mental health, stress and the colon. It is time to adopt new thinking around colon health and get over our shyness. We all poop.

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September 15, 2015
by admin
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