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July 5, 2015
by admin
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You want to eat right. You want to do ‘the right thing’. You want to do your part to keep the planet healthy, but where do you start? Do you have to be perfect? Do you have to become a vegetarian? Do you have to give up beer and coffee? Do you have to live a monastic life?

THE ANSWER IS NO! YOU take the steps YOU want, explore the path YOU desire. The point is to find your own way through the confusing labyrinth of today’s health world and NOT be swindled, lied to and hoodwinked.

Today’s world is full of contradictions, full of confusing studies, and the latest and greatest gimmicks and tricks. Everything in today’s world sparks controversy and confusion. I can hear you asking: “Who do I trust?”  “What is the right thing to do?”  “I have neither endless hours nor a bottomless wallet. How can I ever win?”

As both a farmer and a passionate consumer of life-sustaining quality food, I believe that ‘knowledge is the path to power’ and I am here to clear the veils of confusion.

Visit me at www.GOGREEN101.com and find interesting videos, links, book reviews, recipes, and links to dig deeper. We help you navigate today’s confusing world of health with power and confidence.

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We do Personal Green Home Audits, just like Dr Oz, but way cheaper. Actually your first hour with GoGreen101 is FREE.

What is a Home Audit?  We come to your space and talk to you. We listen to what you want to change in your life and what is working in your life. Together we formulate a plan. Once we have all of your wants, needs and desires written down,  we start to make a list: the time you have to commit to change AND your financial limits. Together we come up with a plan designed to meet your needs. Some of the subjects we cover:

  • Reading Labels
  • Planning Meals
  • Learn about meat, diet choices and how to find the right fit for you
  • Stocking your Pantry
  • Essential Kitchen Gadgets
  • Planning your Organic Garden
  • Chemical-Free Cleaning
  • Shopping Your Market for Quality and Price

Who are Home Audits for? They are for anyone wanting to make a leap to total health.

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