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December 19, 2014
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BLACK POT is the term popularly used in the south to refer to cast iron cookware.

With time and proper care a well-seasoned cast iron skillet becomes a non-stick pan.

Every time you cook in a black pot IRON is going into your food.  I cook EVERYTHING (but tomato sauce) in them and have never been anemic, even during my pregnancies.

Pick one up season it well (yes, I wash mine, soap is ok to use) and reap the many benefits.

  1. Every time you use one your arm gets a work-out.
  2. Non-stick surface pan that is NOT toxic.
  3. Iron rich food with every meal.

no stick pan

December 16, 2014
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“Eating is an agricultural act”

                                                     – Wendell Berry

The ORIGINAL principles of organic agriculture were based around much more then the absence of chemicals, it was based on the following principles:

Together these are the ethical principles that inspired the Organic Movement. To read more about the evolution of this movement check out Cambridge Universities paper around a Thirty Year Perspective on Organic Principles.



December 13, 2014
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Rethinking how we live and what resources we use has come to be a no brainer for many of us. As our children age and our purses shrink the question often becomes : “How much space do I really need to live?”

For me the process started in 2001 when my father passed away. As we went through this very private mans possessions I found myself wondering at what my own end of days would look like. Like my father I too am a very private person and the thought of what would happen to my childhood mementoes and keepsakes.

The same year that my father passed away my youngest child moved cross country and my home of thirty years flooded. Though emotional I really took it all as a golden gift and the opportunity to thin down my possessions and lighten my load.

Every single box of hand-made clothes my mother made for each of my children, children’s books and art-work, sorority papers, fabric yet to be shaped, sewing notions, photograph albums, encyclopedias, dictionaries, craft items, holiday decorations. Every single item was analyzed, sold, donated or given away. Every time my adult children came to visit I would take them on a tour of the latest items I wanted them to take home.

Then in 2009 I took the final plunge and sold my house, packed up the few pieces of furniture I could not bear to part with, packed up the pieces that I could not part with. Twenty-two boxes, eight chairs, two desks, one dresser, garden tools and a ton of baskets made their way into my dear friend Sarahs spare bedroom.

I now live in a 25 foot RV with my two dogs, my books, photos and many plants. Someday I want to no longer live on wheels and I would like to incorporate the RV into some 1/2 shelter with outdoor space away from the sun and bugs. This is a fantasy version on my future digs.


December 10, 2014
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Comments Off on BOOK REVIEW: Consumers Dictionary of Food Additives by Ruth Winter

With all of the checks and balances present in todays food world who would think that all the ingredients hadn’t been checked and approved. Of all the ingredients in PROCESSED FOODS some are NEVER approved by the FDA. There are so many new flavors and additives developed on a yearly bases that the FDA can NOT keep up with them all. This is one of the main reasons to eat NON-PROCESSED food or WHOLE FOOD and to stay informed.

According to a news report from Sustainable Table, ” It is also important to note that while the FDA lists some additives that are approved for food use, many more additives are never approved by the FDA. There is actually very little oversight for many of the additives and other ingredients in our food supply. The term GRAS refers to “generally regarded as safe,” the moniker the FDA uses to regulate food additives, dyes, and preservatives.”

With the cancer rate rising at alarming rates, the fertility rate decreasing in epic proportions we have to wonder whether these additives might be a contributing factor.


  • Read the labels of everything you buyknow what you are eating. Make conscious choices. Don’t allow yourself to be lied to. Stay informed.
  • Use THE CONSUMERS DICTIONARY OF FOOD ADDITIVES and quickly see what Sodium Benzoate is and why you might not want to feed it to your children.

“With our culture’s growing interest in organic foods and healthy eating, it is important to understand what food labels mean and to learn how to read between the lines. This completely revised and updated edition of A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives gives you the facts about the safety and side effects of more than 12,000 ingredients–such as preservatives, food-tainting pesticides, and animal drugs–that end up in food as a result of processing and curing. It tells you what’s safe and what you should leave on the grocery-store shelves.

In addition to updated entries that cover the latest medical and scientific research on substances such as food enhancers and preservatives, this must-have guide includes more than 650 new chemicals now commonly used in food. You’ll also find information on modern food-production technologies such as bovine growth hormone and genetically engineered vegetables.

Alphabetically organized, cross-referenced, and written in everyday language, this is a precise tool for understanding food labels and knowing which products are best to bring home to your family.”

Click the AMAZON book icon and help us make a little (VERY little) money so we can teach more people.



December 1, 2014
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Home audits to help you gently transition into the life you want. Do all THREE or choose one


As a retired farmer and produce wholesaler Alicia Cotilla shows you how to get the highest quality food.

Home Audits for your house

  • Stocking your Pantry
  • Pots, Pans and Plastic
  • Chemical-Free Cleaning

Garden Audits for a non-toxic garden.

  • Planning your Chemical-Free Garden
  • Gardening success with-in your time and budget
  • Quick and easy garden plans

Health Audits for your pantry

  • Reading Labels
  • Planning Meals
  • Diet choices and the right fit for you

Learn the basics of a green life in a step by step format that grows at the speed you desire.

As a retired Farmer and produce wholesaler Alicia Cotilla, with a degree in Permaculture and Master Sprouter,  brings over 30 years as a professional grower and food activist to YOUR local market. Learn to prepare old favorites in new ways and get to know new ones.

At GoGreen101 we believe in you and want to help you get to where you want to be.

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