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Welcome to GO GREEN 101.

Green is a way to be in the world, being Green is being aware of your environment and how you interact within it.

  • Green is organic and chemical free
  • Green is Spiritually infused
  • Green is Whole-listic

To be Green in today’s changing world one needs humor. Scan the tabs, allow expectations to fade. We believe there is NO one path to GREEN or HEALTH and only YOU know the best path for you. Here at GO GREEN 101 our goal is SIMPLE, to support YOU.

Here at GO GREEN 101 we have been GREEN since it was just a color.  Here we do not assume everyone grows at the same level or starts at the same place. Here we acknowledge you do not have unlimited time or resources. Here we support you in making the basic choices that fill you with confidence, that inform the WHOLE person, as if all the components that make us human are connected, body, mind and soul.

We aren’t preachin’, we’re teachin’ and striving to make your life: easier, healthier and greener!~


Our Most Popular 101 Green Workshops

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  • At GoGreen101 we assume health is your birthright and health is more then the absence of disease.
  • Here you will find the choices you want without assuming that you have unlimited resources, time or money.
  • Here we talk about all the parts to being green: Soul, Food, Air, Water, Motion, Spirit, Earth, Mind and all that feeds, stimulates, nurtures, and inspires us to be bigger and healthier then we currently are.
  • Take what feeds you and leave what does not.


Alicia Cotilla, Founder-Owner